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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blue is for Boys Cupcakes

Yes, yes... It's Valentine's Day!
And I made BLUE Cupcakes!

I was informed that boy's DON'T DO PINK!

My Little Cup told me that the pink and red hearts are all too girly and that the boys needed something more for boys. 

So I consulted the only BOY I know (Mr. Quart) and he told me that boys liked Chocolate.... Ok... Chocolate? I can do chocolate.

And if boys don't like pink, then by default, they're getting BLUE. And it just so happens that I have some blue cherries from Roland Foods sitting in my pantry waiting for something extra special to used in. 


And since I am behind on just about everything in life right now, I used a box of Betty Crocker Fun-Da-Middles Cupcakes and turned the centers blue for the boys! 

The Fun-da-Middles are so easy to make into almost any flavor and color combination. I love playing with them for a quick and easy kid's treat. I've altered them with Nutter Butters; I've altered them with flavored extracts; I've even altered them with Beer!

 Simply follow the direction on the Betty Crocker box. I didn't change anything except the center filling. 
I did make homemade chocolate butter cream frosting to top them.

They are so good! (Yes, I ate it! What else was I supposed to do with the one I cut open and sacrificed to the blog gods?)

Today also marks the first Dessert Baker's Challenge hosted by Sheryl of Lady Behind the Curtain. Or first challenge was Chocolate and Cherries. I may have slightly cheated on this one... but I think it's different enough to be stand out in a bunch of red cherries!
What do you think?

**Note - To find the Blue Cherries, go to Roland Foods on Facebook HERE and search for "Cherries"

Like the blue cherries?? Check out my Lemon Cherry Bars made with YELLOW Cherries!

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