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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birthday Present Cake Pops

My Little is Cup is turning 7 is ten days!

Where did the time go?

I was just going to the hospital the other day to deliver her. How do I now have a SEVEN year old? 

So, in preparation of her upcoming Birthday Event (which still needs to be planned) I was practicing some present wrapping. 

Cake Pop Present Wrapping!

You'll need to make some square cake pops. Pick a color of candy melts and a matching sanding sugar.
We went with a very pretty purple.

Then, I got a small amount of fondant and rolled it out. I was debating on tinting the fondant, but thought that the white and purple was very pretty together, so I didn't color it. 

Simply cut the fondant int skinny strips. I wish I could tell you what to measure, but I really just eye-balled it. I took one long strip and wrapped it around the present. Then I cut a strip in half and added one half at a time so that the top was flat. 

To make the bow, I made little loops and pressed them together. Then took a very skinny strip of fondant and wrapped it around the two loops. 
I attached the bow with a touch of white candy.

I loved how these little presents turned out!

They are so fun for Birthdays. 

She has yet to decide if she wants these for her birthday favors. 

It's okay, we have yet to decide on a date, a location, and what friends to invite. 

I think I'm safe waiting a little while before I make a few dozen of these.

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