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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine Love Bug Delivery of Cake Pops

Special Delivery!! 

Special Delivery!!

These little Love Bugs have a Special Delivery!

And they are all for you!

These turned out so pretty! I LOVE them!

Well, I love the finished product. I did not enjoy making the hearts.
To tell ya the truth, I've never liked making hearts. I find that they are hard to dip. Not the dipping really, but the tapping off the excess candy can be tricky. 
You don't want a lot of candy in the top of the heart, so you need to tilt it from side to side. But because the heart is skinny it tends to get loose from the stick and starts leaning. The weight of the candy also tries to pull the cake off the stick.  
I don't suggest hearts for newbie cake poppers... Stick with spheres. 
However, if you really want to try a heart, here's how I made them.

For beginners, the basic pops with mini hearts will be easier.  

Do you have someone special you want to send some Valentines Cake Pops to? 
You're in luck! 
I can fit four round and two heart cake pops into these little mail boxes and send them to your special someone.  $15 + shipping
Send me an e-mail ASAP! Supplies are limited!

Want more Love Bug action?? KC Bakes has some Love Bugs as well! 
Head on over to see her Love Bug Tutorial

Jennifer, from Heavenly Cake Pops has a little video on how to make the mini hearts -  hope this helps!

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