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Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Design and First Linky Party!

Woo Hoo!! I am so excited to show off my NEW (and hopefully IMPROVED) blog design! 
Do you like it?? Well, do ya? DO YA?? 'Cause I do!

I survived my Freshman year of bloging and I have learned A LOT! From better pictures to better content. Making some new friends and putting my work out there for all to see.

I have been thinking about my Sophmore year and things that I would like to do. 

First, I've been thinking of hosting a weekly Linky Party. 
Second, I've opened up a spot for Sweet Sponsors. If you are interested in being a Sponsor, please click on the "Open Ad" to the right and send me an e-mail. 
Third, I'm attending the Online Blog Con.  Are you? I'd like to learn more about building my blog and surviving into my Junior year.  Dorothy and Ashton have been working away to get the confrence underway and have some great sponsors.  Like this one from Vintage Printage.

  • The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • The full blog design (“The Big Shabang Full Customized Blog Design”) includes:
    • custom header
    • custom menu/navbar
    • solid or custom background
    • custom signature
    • custom sidebar titles {up to 10}
    • custom font
    • color coordination of all text
    • grab button
    • up to 2 event buttons
    • social media buttons {twitter, facebook, pinterest...}
    • design installation
    This design is for Blogger only.  ?????

Now on to the PAR-TAY!!

Good evening, everyone! Welcome to Marvelous Mondays week 14! I hope you all have had a great weekend. This week's co-hosts are:

Julie from This Gal Cooks
Bridget from What's Cooking in the Burbs
Karyn from Pint Sized Baker
Kaitlyn from Wifessionals

Be sure to stop by these wonderful blogs and say hello! We cannot wait to see what you have to share this week! 
Also, if you are interested in co-hosting, please contact me ( and let me know when you would like to co-host.)

1. A follow of your hosts via Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Blog Lovin, Facebook or RSS Feed is greatly appreciated. 
2  Check out your fellow bloggers' projects. Leave them some wonderful comments to let them know that you stopped by.
3. Link up your recipes, crafts or DIY projects. No giveaways or shops, please.
4. Grab a button. It's not mandatory but it helps get the word out about the party.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Vampire Cake Pops

It all started with the cake pop molds... the HEART cake pop mold, to be precise.

It was destiny. I knew the minute I saw the mold that it was destined to be a VAMPIRE!

As part of my final Blog Birthday Giveaway, I am giving away a 4 piece cake pop kit along with a 12 cake pop stand and a book on making cake pops!

Good Luck to everyone entering!

To Make these adorable Vampires... 

Step 1. - Measure out and roll the cake pop batter. 

Step 2. Press the mold closed and clean away the excess that squishes out. 

Step 3. Carefully remove the shaped cake pop.

* NOTE - If you don't pre-roll the pop, it will have a more cracked appearance like the pop on the left. 

Once all the shapes are made...
Step 4. Dip in white candy melts.
Step 5. Allow to dry using you Cake Pop Stand by KC Bakes.
Step 5. Melt some black candy and put it in a baggie with the corner snipped off. Draw on the hair.
Step 7. Attach eyeballs with a dot of candy.
Add mouth with black candy and red jimmies as fangs.

These Little Vampires were so much fun to make. They were a little plain, so I played with coloring the candy eyes, but I didn't like it. I also made a Bram Stoker's Dracula with the bouffant hair-do. But - eh...  Plain worked best.

My Little Cup was thrilled to see these when she came home from school. And to me, that's what matters most.

I like to link up with THESE PARTIES! Check them out!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jack Skellington Cake Pops

"Boys and Girls of every age
Won't you like to see something strange?"

"Come with us and you will see
This our town of Halloween!"

I can't believe "The Nightmare Before Christmas" came out in 1993. 1993!! I was 17 and just graduating from High School in 1993.

It took me until 2011, when I finally bought the movie for my daughter, for me to watch it.

Now, it's one of our favorite movies. We have the CD and sing along in the car. Sometimes my Little Cup is actually with me... Other times, well, I guess I just like to sing in the car.

Anyway, I know that Jack Skellington cake pops have been done over and over, but when I found some craft tape, I thought about dressing him up in his black pinstripe suit! Voila! Jack is complete!

To make decorated sticks, find some fun decorators tape at the craft store.

Roll out some tape and lay the stick on it leaving 3/4 to 1 inch empty at the top. This is where your cake pop will go.

Then cut the tape at the bottom and just roll the tape around the lollipop stick. EASY!

To give him a diagonal design, start the tape at a 45 degree angle and wrap it. The more severe the angle, the less overlap of the tape you will have. 

Once your sticks are dressed up, make your cake pops.
To draw on Jack's face, I first used my Cookie Icing. This stuff is SOOOOO much better than food coloring pens. Yes, it's a bit more difficult to work with, but the results are way better!
Pour out a small amount onto some wax paper and use a toothpick to draw on the features.

Odd shaped eyes that are fuller on the bottom, two slits for a nose and a stitched up mouth.
The Cookie Icing is "liquid" and it does pool your design. I had to drag my toothpick across his stitch marks a few times because it would pull back to the mouth. In the end, I loved the high gloss and shine of his features.

Then I tried to make his face with black candy melts in a baggie.
I snipped off a small corner and then piped on his face.

It gave a more 3-D design, but I felt that the black dried a bit dull.

Finally, to finish him off, he needed his over-sized bow tie. 
I folded over the tape, leaving a 1/2 inch overhang and cut the design out. I kinds pinched the end with the overhanging sticky part and used that to attach it to the stick. Then repeat for the other side of the bow tie. 
If you want to get really fancy, add in the bat face to the center.

Your little Ghouls and Goblins are going to fall in love with Jack all over again!

You'll also have an easier time making them if you WIN this great Cake Pop Stand, Book, and Molds!

Do you know what the BEST THING about a cake pop stand is?? No residue on the stick!

Ewww... Look at all that green fuzz! 

I like to link up with THESE PARTIES! Check them out!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Cat Cake Pops

Did you hear about my giveaway? No??
Well I have TWO giveaways today!

UP FIRST! KC Bakes has a white 12 pop cake pop stand for you and I'm including some cake pop molds and a cake pop book!

SECOND - I'm very excited to be attending my FIRST Blog Conference! It's an conference hosted ONLINE and the best part is it was on $15 to sign up! The conference will be held October 22-24 in YOUR LIVING ROOM! That's right - show up in your best yoga pants and log-on from home. You may still want to get a sitter for the kids (I am) or set up a play-date next door, but you don't have to pack a suitcase and catch at a flight at 6am!

As a really cool raffle prize, they are giving away an Amazon Kindle to one lucky participant! I have a Kindle Fire (and I love it), but maybe if I win it, I won't have to fight over it with my daughter on the airplane...
So what are you waiting for? Sign up and learn how to build your blog! 

Ok... on to these Awesome Cake Pops!

These are actually not CAKE cake pops - They are still the Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights Cookie Pops.
I wanted to show you another cool Halloween design and how to use the KC Bakes Cake Pop stand when you are using straws in place or your sticks.

After you form you cake balls, you are going to add the straw the same way as a stick. 
Dip 1/4 inch of the straw into the melted candy and then insert the straw half way into the ball. 
I think that a 12 inch straw is a bit LOOOOOONG, so I cut mine in half and insert the cut end.

To stand up the straw, place your lollipop sticks into the cake pop stand.
Dip your cake pop and then slide the straw over the stick.
Even if you leave the stick long, it'll still hold the pop upright and allow for smooth drying.

I used the Wilton Sugar Sheets and a small cat paper punch to cut out the cat shapes.

Once the pops were dry, I added some yellow full moons and crescent moons and attached the cat silhouette. 
For the full moon, I just dipped the pop into the yellow candy. To make the crescent moon, I used a lollipop stick to draw on the crescent moon. You could also put the yellow into a baggie and pipe it on if you are going to do a lot of pops.

Aren't these fun? Best part is, they are super easy to make and all your Trick-or-Treaters will be in awe of your mad cake pop skillz!

** Sorry, I can't find the paper punch online. I bought it at Micheal's Craft Store recently. I found the paper straws at Target in the Party Supply area.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Little Debbie Pumpkin Pie Cake Pops

This is the LAST Giveaway for my Blog's 1 year Anniversary! 
This week, Kim from KC Bakes, has graciously donated a Mini Cake Pop Stand. Thanks, Kim!
I own three of these wonderful stands and I use them for all the cake pops that I make.
No more using Styrofoam - This stand won't fall over or get your sticks covered in green "fuzz".
I'm also including a Cake Pop Mold Kit and a Cake Pop Book.

Oops, I did it again! I took a delicious Little Debbie treat and made it into a Pop! 
First it was the Swiss Rolls, then Nutty Bars, followed by Strawberry Shortcake Rolls
AND... since it's now officially fall, here's my contribution to Pumpkin Treats all over Blog-land!  Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights made into Pops!

First, I took my cookies and crumbled them in a food processor.

Then, using a cookie scoop, I got 12 pops.

Dip the Pops in Orange candy melts and allow to dry.
Not sure how to do this... Watch my Video.

To make these cute Jack-o-Lantern faces, I used the Wilton Sugar Sheets and a fun paper punch.
Yes, the face was all in pieces, so it was a bit tedious, but I thought the end result was better than me hand piping it.

I used a toothpick to add a dot of candy and then adhered the cut out using tweezers to pick up the tiny piece and place it on the pop.

These are an easy way to make some cute Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops. You can take it up a notch by adding some indentation on the pop with a stick prior to dipping to get the shape. Then add a chocolate chip or pretzel bit as a stem and some green shoestring licorice for a stem like THIS.

Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights Pops

by Pint Sized Baker
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Ingredients (12 lollipops)
  • Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights Cookies
  • Orange Candy Melts
  • Lollipop Sticks or Straws (I used Paper Straws)
  • Wilton Sugar Sheets (Black)
  • Jack-o-lantern Paper Punch
  • Cake Pop Stand (By KC Bakes)
Unwrap Cookies and pulse in Food Processor until they are a fine crumble.
They will look "loose" but when you press together they will hold the shape. There is no need to add any extra frosting or binder.
Use a Cookie Scoop to measure out 12 pops and form into balls.
Place in fridge for 10 minutes.
Melt Orange Candy Melts in a glass or ceramic bowl for 30 second intervals at 70% power in the microwave. Stir between intervals until smooth. Do not allow the candy to get too hot.
Dip 1/4 inch of a lollipop stick (or straw) into the candy and then insert half way into the cookie pop.
Use your KC Bakes stand to hold the pops upright and keep the round shape.
Once all the pops are on sticks, start with the first pop and dip straight down and back up again coating the entire pop. Tap the stick to allow excess candy to drip off. Stand back up in stand.
Punch out 12 Jack-o-Lantern faces using you hole punch and Sugar Sheets.
Place a dot of candy on the pop with a toothpick and add the face details. I used tweezers to pick up the small pieces.
Serve to some great kids!
Powered by Recipage

** I found the EK Success hole punch at Micheal's Craft Store, but I can't find it online to show you. I'm not sure if this was from last year's stock or not. Sorry.

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