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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chocolate Won Ton Roses

These Won Ton Roses were intended for Valentine's Day. I made them and thought I was so clever. I saw Rose Won Tons filled with traditional crab filling here and thought I would be clever and fill them with chocolate instead. I followed her great pictures and thought I did a great job!

I was excited, so I sent my Mom a picture of them... And her reactions was .... well... maybe you can see for yourself what she saw...

Here's what you need:
Won Ton Wrappers
3&1/2 inch cookie/biscuit cutter
1&1/2 inch cookie/ biscuit cutter
1 egg + 1 tsp water for an egg wash (mix together in a small bowl)
Large pot full of oil
Chocolate - I used Dove Dark and Dove Peanut Butter

Here's what I did:

I took my little won ton wrappers and cut large 3&1/2 inch circles and made 5 little circles for each large circle.

The large circle creates the base of the rose and the smaller circles make the petals.

If you are familiar with making fondant roses, this will be easy for you.

I placed the chocolate in the center of the large won ton circle and wrapped it up sealing it with the egg wash.

Add a small circle and another circle and another until all 5 small circles are attached and it looks like a rose.

Use the egg wash as glue to hold the wrappers in place.

(Are you starting to see what my mom saw?)

I tried a few with a marshmallow as well, and that did not work too well. The oil is just too hot and the marshmallow just turned to mush inside.

When you have the oil heated up to 375 degrees F, gently add 3 to 4 roses to the oil and allow them to cook for a minute or so. These cook up FAST!

Remove with a slotted spoon or one of those bamboo wire skimmer spoons (can't figure out the real name).

Place them on a plate with several pieces of paper towels and allow the excess oil to drip off.

Wait for the oil to come back up to 375 before adding the next few won tons.

I probably have too many in this this picture, but, it all worked out.

Once they were cooled off, I added some powered sugar and dug in!

I really liked these little treats. They were best when warm. Then again, anything fried tastes best warm. 

I liked them, even if my mom thought they looked like lady parts ;)

These would be a fun (and inexpensive) Mother's Day Roses treat. The kids can help make the roses, but don't let them near the oil! Please supervise them around the Napalm! 

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Biscoff Crescent Rolls



I Implore You! Make it!! 

And then come back and thank me :) You're Welcome!

I finally bought a jar of Biscoff Spread last week. I was in Wal-Mart of all places and there it was, sitting with the peanut butters and proudly displaying a $1.00 off coupon!

I've noticed all my favorite bloggers rave about Biscoff cookies and spread, however, I just never got around to buying it. In fact, when I saw the cookies at the store, I commented to my husband about them and he scoffed and said, "If I ever have to eat another Biscoff cookie, I'm going to hurl." 

A little background here to explain. He used to fly for ComAir who served Biscoff cookies. He ate A LOT of Biscoff cookies. He used to take the cookies to live off of because of the poor airline pay. So, he's had his fill of Biscoff. 

I, on the other had, was like - "What rock was I under?" The spread is so good!! I could not believe it.

I hate to admit, but I went at that jar like it was a pint of ice cream! Just me, a spoon, and the poor jar of Biscoff spread. I have seen the light!

So, for my final experiment with Crescent Rolls, I made some with Biscoff!

I made these with the Crescent Rounds, like the Nutella Rounds I made.
I unrolled them, spread the Biscoff, and rolled them back up.
Then I made a brown sugar glaze with melted butter. 
On half of them I added crushed graham crackers. I bet some Biscoff Cookies would have been great!

I baked them according to the directions on the container, let them cool slightly, took a few pictures, and then ATE THEM UP for lunch! 

Sorry I did not share.

I WILL be making these again! They were so good! The Biscoff and the graham cracker with the brown sugar, oh my, my tummy is growling for one as I write this... 

I am so making this for my parents when they come for a visit next week! I  may even share some some with them... if they are nice to me :)

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Chocolate Cream Cheese and Chocolate Peanut Butter Diamonds

Do you ladies try your best to be SuperMom only to fail miserably? I do - all the time. I try to please everyone and get a million things accomplished only to realize that nobody is happy and I have half a million things only partly done.

Well, this experiment was one of those half done right things.
I had good intentions.

I thought I was on to something...

I thought the Dark Chocolate would be the saving grace of this treat...

Well... That's what I thought anyway.

I've been enjoying dipping fruit and pretzels into the chocolate cream cheese, I figured I could bake something with it.
I've seen all of the Cream Cheese Crescent Square treats and thought it would be perfect for the new Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese. 

I figured that it was sweet and tasty enough not to fluff it up with more sugar and extract. So I just slathered it on to half a sheet of the crescent roll.

Then I got a great idea to ADD more stuff - like Chocolate Peanut Butter!
And Chocolate Chips and Peanuts!! 

I so thought I was a culinary genius at this moment!

Turns out I was more of the Wile E. Coyote of culinary geniuses... 

I baked it up and then drizzled it with melted milk chocolate and cut in into diamond shapes.

I guess it wasn't all that bad.... just not all that I thought it might be.
Mr. Quart loved it!  He loved it warm and cold.
This was actually something that we did not give away.

I would like to try it again and fluff it up with the sugar. And maybe skip the chocolate chips.

What do you think?? Do you have any great ideas for the Chocolate Cream Cheese? It's so much more expensive compared to regular cream cheese that I don't want to waste any. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nutella Crescent Rolls

So after I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls, I moved on to Nutella!

Because I love Nutella and I know YOU love Nutella!!

You'll thank me later :)

I got some Pillsbury Crescent Rounds, my jar of Nutella, some chocolate chips and some hazelnuts.

Unroll the rounds, spread out the Nutella, add a few chocolate chips and roll back up.

Bake as directed. 

Enjoy them as is....... OR.....

While baking:
1) Toast a handful of roughly crushed hazelnuts. In a small pan, heat the hazelnuts with a teaspoon of sugar. Stir constantly until the sugar melts and caramelizes. 
2) Melt a heaping tablespoon of Nutella in the microwave for 20 seconds. Add a bit of cream to thin out the Nutella and stir it up to combine. Think of it as a Nutella Ganache! 
When the Nutella Rounds are done, drizzle with the melted Nutella Ganache over the rounds, then add the candied hazelnuts! 

Both ways were very good. I think the next time I will skip the chocolate chips. The chocolate kinda over shadowed the pure Nutella flavor. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls

I'm in the mood for Crescent Roll Week! Who's with me? 

I usually try to stay away from the Crescent Rolls because they are so good and so addicting, that I really just can't eat one. It's like there is no stopping me with crescent rolls.

However, in the name if science, i.e., the blog, I bought some Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and got to baking.

To start off, I tried my favorite Peanut Butter & Co. "Dark Chocolate Dreams" Chocolate Peanut Butter as the filler.

Simply roll them out and fill them up!

Bake them up as directed.

Eat warm and enjoy!

Just to show that I do (sometimes) practice restraint, I did not eat all of them! 
The next day, I warmed them in the toaster oven, added a dollop of Blueberry jelly to my plate and dipped in the crescent roll for a tasty PB & J breakfast. 

It was so good! 

Check back all week for more Crescent Treats!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cake Pops - Blast From the Past

I really enjoy making cake pops. 
So, I wanted to share some of my cake pops from the past year.
Before I was blogging, I was making cake pops. I've made TONS of cake pops!
I put together some of my favorite pops to show you some of my projects.

I love my Critter Cake Pops. I think my favorite are still the birds.
I made birds again for my family's Easter celebration. 
If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram, you would have seen them.... (Just saying)

The Fruit are fun to make. They are flavored as the fruit so you know exactly what you are getting.
My crazy Little Cup would NOT eat a cake pop forever - until I made her a banana cake pop. She loved it! And so did her Grandma! The banana is really good with mini chips. 

A beautiful technique for making truly unique designs, is creating marbles. I have a video over to the right (on YouTube) that shows you how I dip my marbles. 
I've also got a video on adding the luster dust like you see on the brown copper marble pops. I think the shimmer effect is really neat and adds super dimension.

Don't want cake pops? Well, why not? 
Then you can enjoy a Cake Truffle. 

I hope you've enjoyed my cake pops. I've got many more that I can share with you. If you want to see more NOW, visit my Facebook page or my for more pictures. 

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Liebster Blog Love

I would like to day THANK YOU to "Addicted to Recipes" for nominating me for my first ever blogger award! I was shocked when I saw the comment in my Bomb Cake, because to me, she dropped quite an awesome bomb in my lap!

Rules of the Award:
1) Thank your nominator (and link back!).
2) Nominate 5 other blogs, with less than 200 followers and post a comment on each blog letting them know they have been given the award.
3) Copy and paste the award onto your blog.

Now I have to pay it forward to 5 up and coming bloggers that I find to be inspirational.

Baking with Blondie - This Blondie has Ambition! She cooks, she sautes, she bakes, she mixes! I'm going to visit more for some variety to my mundane dinners and drool over her decadent desserts. Come on - With Mini Bacon Cheesecakes, you can't go wrong! 

The NY Melrose Family -Jenny is an all round everything kind of blog. She crafts, she bakes, she organizes!  I need some serious organizing in my house. Jenny hosts Whimsy Wednesday Linky Party, so check out all the fun blogs and link up!

C2 Cookie Construction - Amalia is a cookie freak fan! I found her blog while searching for Sugar Cookie Decorating tips. She has some great ideas and fun cookies that would add a smile to anyone's day. Stop on by and take a look.

A Baker's House - Holly Baker bakes up some tempting meals and treats and has some simple DIY projects. She just started her blog back in November as a way to share recipes with her Mom. I hope Mom is enjoying all the great recipes. Pop on over a take a look around.

Pincushion Creations - Katie is a DIY crafter with lots of fun ideas for birthday, parties, and lots of sewing projects. I would love to sew like she does, but after making drapes, I realized that it's just not my thing...  She also hosts Made by You Wednesday blog party, so check it out and link up!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grandma's Brownies

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My Grandmother has been baking these "Brownies" for years!
It has been my dessert of choice when we went up to visit her at her Summer house on Lake Erie in Canada. I could eat the entire pan of these if I were left alone with them!

I finally asked my Grandma for the recipe a few years ago and was shocked to find out that there was NO Brownies in the Brownies! She made it with a cake mix!

Here's what you need:
1 box Devil's Food Cake Mix
2 eggs
1/2 cup melted of butter
1 box Fluffy White Frosting (This is hard to find - now only available online)
1/2 cup walnuts (I substituted 1/2 cup white chocolate chips)
1/2 cup chocolate chips

Here's what you do:
Make the frosting according to the directions and let the mixer do it job! This is like Marshmallow Fluff and 7 minute icing combined. It it so good! 

Combine the cake mix, melted butter and eggs in a bowl and stir to combine. It will be thick!
Spread it out in a 9x13 pan.
Add the frosting to the center of the pan, do not let it touch the sides of the pan.
Sprinkle on the nuts and chocolate chips
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

I used the white chips instead of the walnuts because I was taking this to my daughter's school. After baking it, I regretted using the white chips because they turned brown and kinda burnt.  
I didn't care for it, but the kids LOVED them! 
This is what was left over from kids. 

When the "brownies" are done baking they are really puffed up and full of air. As they cool, they sink back down and compress. I wish the fluff would stay a but more fluffy... 

Try it for your next pot luck treat! Guaranteed to be a hit!

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