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Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Make Christmas Tree Cake Pops

Christmas is approaching way too quickly!

I am so NOT ready yet!


No cards done yet.

Minimal presents bought. 

A few cookies in the freezer.

 A basic Christmas day "plan".

But, the tree is up and finally decorated!

The lights are up outside. 

My mantel place is decorated.

Our Elf on the Shelf has been flying around at night.

And these Christmas Tree Cake Pops are chillin' in the freezer.

These trees are really easy to make and decorate. 

I used Green Candy Melts, light and dark green sugar, sprinkles, and silver Sixlets for the tops. (I think my Little Cup ate all the stars. I've got to monitor her sprinkle consumption better!)

Simply shape a cake pop into a triangular shape. 
Melt Candy.
Dip stick and attach to cake ball. Dip cake ball.
Shake on sugar sprinkles and allow to dry.
Using candy as the glue, attach "ornaments". I used Chocolate covered Sunflower Seeds here.
Or drizzle candy around the tree creating a garland of sprinkles.
For a "shaggy" or textured tree, use a toothpick to lift the candy away from the pop giving it a textured effect. This can really hide an "ugly" cake pop. 

For a great video, check out this one from KCBakes!
Have Fun and Enjoy!

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