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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween Boo-day to ME!

It's My Boo-Day!! Well, not today, today. But, it is on the 31st! Yes, Halloween is my Birthday  and I always loved having my Birthday on Halloween.

Some of the great benefits to having a Halloween Birthday are:

1. Extra Candy while Trick-or-Treating. Especially when you're 10 and you have broken leg and you drag yourself all over town with ten pounds of plaster from your toes to mid-thigh. Trust me. I know!
(And yes, that is me with my Dorothy Hamill haircut, my Rainbow and Unicorn Ice Cream cake, and cast up to my crotch.)

2. Dressing up is completely acceptable! It doesn't matter if you are dressed as a princess, a zombie, a pregnant nun, or a slutty flight attendant. You decide how "formal" your birthday attire can be. Just don't ask me what I was last year, 'cause I don't know!

3. There's always a party! Sometimes days and days of parties depending on what day of the week Halloween falls on. Friday and Saturday night parties as well as Wednesday night this year!

4. My 6 year old knows when my Birthday is :)

5. My Husband remembers when my Birthday is!! (And that's really important!)

6. I get to make fun Halloween Birthday Treats for ME!

I was inspired by the book "What's New, Cupcake" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. I followed the directions in the book and had a lot of fun with it.

My only complaint is that the three stacked cupcakes were a lot of weight on the bottom center cupcake and I had to replace the first one with a fresh cupcake before taking pictures. If you're going to make this, I suggest waiting until the last minute to stack up all the pieces and then eat and enjoy it before it collapses on itself.

Also, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get all the supplies that the book calls for. I don't think chocolate cones are made anymore. I searched all over the web and couldn't find what I wanted. I guess Oreo used to make an ice cream cone. WTF Oreo?? I would totally buy those the rest of the year as well! They would be perfect for so many treats. Kinda bummed about that.

But really, nothing can bum me out on my Birthday (including Hurricane Sandy)! Here's to another year of goofing around and playing with my food! I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween. 

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