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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Classy Cake Truffles - by Emily.Kate.Designs

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce my cyber friend, Emily.
Emily makes Gorgeous, Wonderful, Classy Cake Truffles. I follow Emily on Facebook HERE. Check out all of her beautiful cake truffles and fun flavors, like Twinkie, Cola, and Margarita.
Once you graduate from my "elementary grade" Easy Cake Truffles, try your had at these "Graduate level" Classy Cake Truffles.

Classy Cake Truffles

Hey everyone!

I’m Emily, of Emily.Kate.Design.  I’m so excited to be guest blogging for my dear friend Pint Sized Baker!  I’ve always loved everything artsy since I can remember, and in the past few years, it’s expanded to the world of confectionary art.  The most important thing I’ve learned?  Practice, practice, practice!

In continuation of Karyn’s post Perfect Cake Truffles, I am going to give you some tips and tricks that I have learned throughout my baking journey on how to make "classy cake truffles."

Step 1. Roll your cake balls by hand.  I’ve used my Easy Roller a few times and found that at the end of the day, hand rolling works the best, and your truffles have the individual attention and love they deserve!  To make the cake balls consistent, I use a cookie scoop to size out the dough.

Step 2. Melt your chocolate carefully!  I’ve realized that one of the most important steps to cake truffles is the chocolate melting and dipping process.  I always melt my chocolate the same way regardless of the brand.  The way I melt my chocolate is 2 minutes on high, then stir.  Place back in microwave for another minute, stirring every 20 seconds.

Step 3. Dip!  To make Perfect CakeTruffles, follow this post.  Just remember to tap the cake ball on the edge of your dish before placing – that will help them have a perfectly smooth shape!

Step 4. Prepare to decorate.  I think there are three routes to choose: pipe, sprinkle, or both.  I always make sure to plan out my theme before I begin.  I like to use simple sprinkles that won’t take over the entire design of the cake truffle.  Some of my favorites are pearls, non-perils, and sugar crystals.  I think they are all very simple, elegant and classy.  There are endless color choices available, so you should be able to find something that works for you!

Step 5. If you are going to pipe designs, you can use several different materials to hold your chocolate.  I tend to stick with plastic baggies.  I’ve also used cake piping bags, parchment paper, and a piping pen.  The fastest, most inexpensive route is plastic baggies.  Cut a small – SMALL hole in the corner.  You can always make it bigger. 

Step 6. Pipe away!  The key to your designs should be this: less is more!  Simple designs can be very classy.  You can add interest to your design by mixing colors – using colored sprinkles or using different colors of piping.  If you add sprinkles, don’t shake them out of the jar.  Put a desired amount in your hand, and lightly sprinkle using your fingers.  The bigger the sprinkle, the less you should use.  Most people prefer to not have to crunch their way through truffles because of a lot of sprinkles.

You can see in the picture below of few of my favorite designs.  I use both straight and curved lines.  When piping, take your time!  You can always re-melt your chocolate if it starts to harden.  If you keep the hole in the bag smaller, you have more control over your piping.  If you mess up or make a mistake, you can always add a sprinkle to cover it up.

Step 7. Rarely do I ever dip an entire batch of cake balls without having a few “mess-ups”.  But, don’t let them go to waste!  If there are air bubbles, misshapen bites, or odd bumps, just add a design over the top.  As in the photo, your before and after will amaze you with a little creativity.  No one will ever know!

Step 8. To finish them off, place your truffles in their cups/liners and serve!  The cups/liners that you put them in and the tray or dish you serve them on is just as important.  Choose something simple and elegant that will compliment your design.  It will be hard to pass up snagging one of these treats!

Remember the importance of “practice, practice, practice”!  Learning to make “classy” designs doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes practice and a lot of patience.  Come up with your original own designs, color combinations, and sprinkle choices to make personalized cake truffles.  Find inspiration in things around you – even something as simple as a flower!

Good luck and happy decorating!

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