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Friday, July 27, 2012

Go for the Gold - Olympic Cake Pops

It's the 2012 Olympics!!

As if you didn't know that... It's been kinda hard to miss.

So, to celebrate, I made some Olympic inspired Cake Pops!

What else did you expect from me?

I made a few different ones that you can try out based on your cake pop skill level.

First off, some basic cake pops.

Five colors to decorate the pops. Just dip and dry. 


And then, get some Luster Dust and dry paint it on to add some sparkle and shine.


Then, I added a sugar ring to the pops.

One the pops are dry and the luster dust is added, add a ring of melted candy and sprinkle on some sugar crystals.


To add some complexity and detail, I made some "donuts" and added some sparkle with sugar crystals.

Finally, I piped some circles with the candy melts and added them to the top of the basic cake pops.

I think they look more like kettlebells, but I'm sure the Olympians would still appreciate this tasty treat!

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