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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kona Coffee Cake Truffles

These little bites of pleasure are the BEST after dinner treat - At least, that's my husband's opinion.

However, that opinion has been seconded and passed by the house.

These are Chocolate Cake Balls topped with a chocolate covered Kona Coffee Bean!

Now, you can totally use a regular coffee bean, I've done it several times before and it's just as good.

However, when you're from Hawaii and you parents live in Kona and have DIRECT access to a coffee farm, well... you just have to use what you've got . 

To make these babies, I used Yellow Cake and Chocolate Frosting for the cake balls.
Dipped them in milk chocolate candy coating.
Topped them with the covered coffee bean.

Perfect! You get your cup of coffee and cake for dessert. Dig in!

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