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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls

I'm in the mood for Crescent Roll Week! Who's with me? 

I usually try to stay away from the Crescent Rolls because they are so good and so addicting, that I really just can't eat one. It's like there is no stopping me with crescent rolls.

However, in the name if science, i.e., the blog, I bought some Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and got to baking.

To start off, I tried my favorite Peanut Butter & Co. "Dark Chocolate Dreams" Chocolate Peanut Butter as the filler.

Simply roll them out and fill them up!

Bake them up as directed.

Eat warm and enjoy!

Just to show that I do (sometimes) practice restraint, I did not eat all of them! 
The next day, I warmed them in the toaster oven, added a dollop of Blueberry jelly to my plate and dipped in the crescent roll for a tasty PB & J breakfast. 

It was so good! 

Check back all week for more Crescent Treats!

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