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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, Little Bug!!

You are Six Years Old!

You are my Fantastic Fairy!
My Marvelous Munchkin!
My Tenacious Trouble-maker!
My Stubborn Superstar!
My Beautiful Bug!
My Wonderful Wombat! (Wait...what?)

Daddy and I love you with all our hearts!
We are so happy that we did not trade you in at the hospital :)

A Rainbow makes everyone happy and you are my sunshine that helps to create the rainbow!

To make this wonderful Rainbow Cake I followed the directions here

A note of advice - Weigh your mixing bowl in advance. Take note of that.
When you get to step 3, weigh the full bowl again. 
Subtract the weight of the bowl and then divide by 6.
This is going to be the amount you will need per cake. Each of my cakes came to 9.6 ounces. 

I don't have 6 round cake pans, so I bought some foil pans to use. These worked out great! 
I prepared each pan and then measured 1/6 of the mixture using a scale.
I used only 1 bowl to mix my colors. I started with yellow first, then, orange, then red, etc, etc. 
You can see a little bit of each color around the rim of the bowl and some green left over. But when I mixed the blue, there was no color contamination. 
(FYI- I do the same with Royal Icing)
Even though I had six pans, I only cooked 2 at a time. But at 15 minute intervals, it wasn't that much longer than a standard cake. I did place the foil pans on a cookie sheet for stability and ease of picking up and moving.

While the cakes were cooling, I made a triple batch of Wilton's Icing.  
That's 3 POUNDS of powdered sugar people! (The kids were so pumped!)

Then, it's just layer and frost, layer and frost until all are stacked and a crumb coat is added to the sides.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes and then add then add the final layer of frosting.
I decorated the cake with gumdrops! What fun!
To make the blue gumdrops, I took the white ones and just mixed them in a baggie with blue food coloring. Then I allowed them to dry for a few hours. I thought it worked pretty well!

The diet people always say to "Eat your Rainbow!" Now we can say we did!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! I love you!

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