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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mint Chocolate Marshmallow Cake Pops

I got my start down this baking road with Cake Pops! I love them! I love making them and decorating them and coming up with new ideas. February marks one year of making cake pops and I have been sharing them on Facebook ever since. This past year of cake poppin' has really flown by!
As a HUGE Thank You to my Facebook fans for helping me reach a milestone and then move on to another! I have just, just, just passed 2,500 fans!! Woo hoo!!
As a Thank You - I'm doing another giveaway!!
So the other day, I found THESE marshmallows and knew I had to make cake pops with them!

They are not big marshmallows, but they are not mini either. They are almost perfect pop-in-your-mouth size; which can be quite dangerous! They also added a bit of mint to hot chocolate!
I also picked up a bag of Wilton's Dark Cocoa Mint candy coating to go with my mint theme :)

I made a Devil's Food Cake and got to work!

Here's what you need:
1 box mix of Devil's Food Cake Mix and the required ingredients - baked and cooled
Candy Coating - I used the chocolate mint above and white candy coating that I tinted green
Chocolate Frosting
lollipop sticks
Styrafoam  or shallow cup to hold pops upright

Crumble up 1/4 of a cold cake and freeze the rest. Add a heaping tablespoon of the chocolate frosting and mix together until thoughly combined. I use my Kitchen Aid mixer, others use a food processor, some use their hands. Form balls using a tablespoon to measure. I use a 1Tbls cookie scoop which makes it very easy. Roll the dough balls by hand and set aside. You should get a dozen cake balls. 
NOTE: The cake pop batter should not stick to your hands. If your hands are covered in sticky frosting, add more cake to the mix and combine. Next time, use less frosting. 
Chocolate cake is already very moist and does not need a lot of  frosting. Melt you candy coating. Follow the directions on the bag. I suggest 45 seconds at 70% power to start. Then just 30 seconds at 60% power and lots of stirring!! 
Fill the cavities of the peanut butter molds half way with the candy coating and then add the cake ball. Let the candy harden 5 minutes in the fridge if necessary. Melt the white candy coating and add OIL BASED coloring only! This can be pricey, but a color with water in it will seize the candy coating. When in doubt, but pre-made green candy coating.  
Push the lollipop stick through a marshmallow leaving 1/2 to 3/4 inch of the stick poking over the top. Dip the stick into candy coating and place the cake pop on to the stick. Leave it standing up to harden. Once all the pops are on the sticks, go back to the first one and dip the top into the green being sure to seal the edges in candy coating. If there are any holes, you'll get a gross looking oil leak going on. 
I added half a marshmallow to the top while the candy coating was still wet.
For step my step pictures, visit this post!

These were super yummy! I don't think I would add any extra peppermint to the cake. The candy coating and marshmallows added enough for me!

As for the GIVEAWAY - I'll give you two chances to win a dozen cake pops!
This is open to US mailing addresses only. (sorry, funds are tight)
1. Leave me a comment here letting my know your favorite cake and frosting combination.
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Good Luck!!

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