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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Note to Self... Don't let Mom "Cook"

 My Mom was visiting for the past week and we had a wonderful time. She flew in from Hawaii and we got to celebrated an early Mother's Day. 
  I had a kept my orders down for this week to enjoy my Mom's visit and I thought that she could help me with my one order for 140 cake pops for a wedding. After her "help" in the kitchen she was promptly fired from cake pop dipping and relegated to the computer to make the tags for the cake pop favors. She rocked at making the tags, and that was a huge help!
  My Mom kept saying that she does not cook. I thought she meant that she just did not like to cook. No... My Mom does not follow instructions, does not read, much less follow, the recipe, and she's not very good with measuring ingredients. Believe it or not, this is frequently a complaint from my husband about my cooking. Guess I know where I get it from. 
  So, I was thinking back to my childhood... My Mom was a single mom for several years and I remember eating a lot of TV dinners. I just thought it was because she was busy, I was picky, and this was easy. She could do Mac N' Cheese and hot dogs, soup and grilled cheese, chicken and rice... easy kids food. We also did our fair share of baking. Some Mommy and Daughter time over cookies and cupcakes and finger jell-o (my favorite). 
  I love my Mom and I had a great time during her visit, but I think that we will enjoy our time outside of the kitchen in the future. 
  Hugs and Kisses, Mom! Have a Wonderful Mother's Day! 
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