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Friday, September 9, 2011

Taking Photos

I am NOT a professional photographer.

The closest I've gotten to any photography classes was back in High School when I signed up for Photography Art class - back in, like, 1990? So, I turned to the internet for help. One of my favorite sites, Sprinkle Bakes, has Wonderful, Awesome, Inspiring, Magical, Beautiful, etc, etc photography. What can I say, I love her work!

And lucky us, she also writes for a photo magazine Pixiq. I have read and re-read these articles and have tried to apply them to my own pictures. Here are a few things that I have learned about taking pictures of my "art" -

  1. Use natural light - NO FLASH!
Ugly! Bright Flash washed out the pretty pale green color.

  2. Take lots of pictures. Up close, at an angle, far away. Play with it.
I used a heavy weight scrapbook paper for the background of my Pies!

  3. Use props. Pretty plates, backgrounds, table clothes, utensils. I've even used a stuffed animal...
This Slumber Party Cupcake can't sleep without her Teddy Bear.

His poor face was completely cracked, but I
kept him turned and in the background.
  4. Pick the Best to photograph.

Four roosters; best one forward, "ugly" one stuffed to the side.

5. Edit, edit, edit. Add some contrast, highlights, crop. I use free Google Picasa. Very easy to use.
After - added some highlights to bring out the pink and
the bright sprinkles.
Before - kind of dull; colors are off; nothing
"popping" in this picture

  6. Add your Watermark. Take credit for your work. Some put it across the image, I like to display it next to the image. I've seen a few people who are not too honest and have posted other peoples work as their own.

Here are the articles from Heather Baird in Pixiq 1, 2, and 3.

Also, one of my Facebook friends, Bumble Cakes, posted her own tutorials on photographing food, editing photographs, choosing a background, and many more in her Notes section. (Please, tell her I sent ya.)

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