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Monday, September 19, 2011

Oreo Cakesters Pops

Who does not love an Oreo? 


So for a donation to my daughter's school, I made some Oreo Cake Pops!

I've made them before the "traditional" way with pulverized Oreos and Cream Cheese. However, I made them for an all day outdoor event and I didn't think that the cream cheese would be the best idea. I've also experimented with cookies and frosting, but they turned out grey if I used vanilla frosting and chocolate frosting alters the pure Oreo flavor. 

What is my Solution? 

The Best invention from Nabisco! Thanks :)

Here's how I made them:

Break up all of the Cakesters and add a heaping tablespoon of Chocolate frosting.

In my Kitchen Aid mixer, I blended it up until it looked like this. I could not get the same constancy as Cake Pop batter, but when this dough is compressed into a ball, the form held shape. 

I got 2 dozen small-ish pops from a box of Cakesters. 

Dipped them in chocolate then added a thick white swirl and sprinkled traditional Oreo crumbs on top. 

Hope this recipe works as a cream cheese alternative for you as well! 

Enjoy Creating! 
The Pint Sized Baker
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