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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Beautiful Marbling Technique

I have seen many fellow cake poppers making some beautiful swirled cake pops. Some people use a toothpick to drag colors on a wet cake pop and others use a squeeze bottle to manipulate the colors and swirls. These are all very beautiful, but I had a difficult time with them so I came up with the "Dump and Dunk Method". (Yes, I just made that up. So what?)
  I needed something easier and less time consuming, so this is what works for me. 
Side note: I intentionally picked Red and Blue to really, really show off the different colors. They were not pretty pops!
Start with your colors of choice. There really is not a "primary" and "secondary" color because the colors blend over and under and shift from pop to pop. Add a small amount of color A to a larger amount of color B. Here is a small amount of blue added to red. Both were at dipping temperature and consistency before I added them. This is a very shallow 1.5 cup bowl. I'm not sure how using a larger bowl would work.

Your cake pops should have been pre-sticked and cold. We don't want them falling off the stick. Lay the pop on its side and let the stick rest on the side of the bowl. Dip the lower half one color and roll the ball into the other color. Twist/spin/twirl the stick in one direction and coat the cake ball. Gently lift out of the candy coating and let the excess drip off. Keep twisting the stick in the SAME direction. In this picture, I turned my stick from left to right. 


As I dipped and let the excess fall off, the candy coating got a bit muddled. I simply added more of the colors to the small bowl and kept on dipping. 
Finished pops. (Told ya they weren't pretty) Some were more swirled, others were a bit more striped; however, I loved the look of them. So, that's it! Dump colors into small bowl, Dunk cake pop and twist on the color.


  I made several of these for a recent fundraising event held for West Virginia State Senator, Mr. Jeff Kessler. The pops were all done using this marble technique using earthy warm tones. I made orange and white, yellow and white, orange and brown, green and brown, and turquoise and brown. 
  Once the pops were done, I took Pearl Dust and painted on the shimmer with a dry paint brush. The Pearl Dust added such a wonderful vibrant shine that the pops just glowed!  The first picture is orange and brown with Bronze luster dust; middle picture is the white with orange and yellow; final photo is the entire arrangement.
  Enjoy! It may take a few tries to get the method, but they all taste yummy!
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