Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Santa Hat Cake Pop Tutorial

I got a new gig over at Juggling Act Mama! I'll be sharing cake pop tutorials over there from time to time. Today is my first day and I'm a bit nervous.... 

What do you think of these Easy Santa Hat Cake Pops? I've got the full tutorial over there

You can make the above basic Santa Hats or you can make Mrs. Claus' Hats and make them all sparkly and girly like the ones below. 

You can also go a step farther and turn them into Kawaii Santa Hats. It's all in the tutorial at Juggling Act Mama. Go check it out for your Christmas Cake Pops this year!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Two Cup Tuesday No.99

Are you a crazy organized person or a crazy unorganized person? I kinda fall in the middle. Some days on on it and things are in their place and I know when my deadlines are and what is due next. Other times, oh my look out - I'm a crazy whirlwind of not knowing anything and missing out on opportunities. 
I like to write down my schedule and see it on paper - I'm a bit old fashioned like that. During the past year I've been using the Blog Planner by my blog friend, Kayla from Say Not Sweet Anne. She has an amazing collection of planners to help you and your family stay organized. 

I love it! I can see the month at a glance, there's place to jot down notes for ideas for future posts, and I record my weekly followers and stats and can quickly view what's trending from week to week. I also record my sponsor posts, campaigns, and income - all on one place. 

Check out her post for more info and then order one at her Etsy shop
Use the Discount Code - EARLYBIRDPLANNER - for a $3 discount through December 23, 2015.

Last week on Dieter's Downfall I made an amazing Triple Coconut Cake! It's made with Coconut Cake and Frosting, filled with Coconut Pudding and topped with giant Macaroons. It was a coconut lovers dream come true! 

I also have a HUGE Giveaway going on! Seriously! I'm gonna hook up one lucky winner for an AWESOME Christmas! All you need to Bake Your Christmas! GO HERE to enter and all of this could be YOURS! Best of Luck!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving - stay safe, stay warm, and wear stretchy pants :)

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Easy as Pie Thumbprint Cookies and a Giveaway

It's time to start baking for Christmas! Are you ready? This is a Cherry Pie Cookie recipe I got from Lucky Leaf and I've plated them up to deliver them with my beautifully personalized Christmas mini booklet card from Minted.  

In fact I am feeling so prepared for Christmas this year than I ever had before. Thanks to Minted, I've got my Christmas cards in hand with printed envelopes and I've got cookies in the freezer. I may not lose my mind in December. 

I think that you should be just a prepared for the Best Baked Christmas ever, so I've teamed up a few bloggers and companies to bring you a giveaway to do just that! Head down to the bottom of the post to enter to win your own Christmas cards, a mixer, baking supplies, and so much  more. 

I made several batches of these easy cookies - Cherry, Blueberry, and Apple. I also made a chocolate chip cookie crust as well. Yes, they were delicious and I can't wait to add them to  may cookie platters.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Turkey Cake Pops from Cake Poppin'

Cake Poppin' is BACK! I'm so excited to have her beautiful Turkey Cake Pop Tutorial. They just turned out so cute!

This Turkey cake pop is based on a super cute cookie design by my friend at Sweet Baketique, I wanted my Thanksgiving cake pops to have a little more cuteness this year. This little guy has so much character he's almost too cute to eat! Here's how you can create the chubby turkey cake pop at home.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

30 Christmas Cake Pops Collection

Christmas is right around the corner! Are you ready?? I've got 30 wonderful Christmas Cake Pop ideas for you to make this year. Cake Pops can be so creative and fun to make. You're only limited by your own imagination. 

The great thing about Cake Pops is that you can make them and FREEZE them to last until Christmas! If you are planning on freezing them, here's a few tips.
#1 - WRAP your cake pops. Either individually wrap them or place them all in a baggie then place them into an airtight container.
#2 - Thaw them in the fridge overnight. DO NOT OPEN them! Just transfer the container to the fridge. 
#3 - 2 hours before you want to put them out, set them on the counter. DO NOT OPEN THEM! Leave them in the container, wrapped up for two hours until they come to room temperature. If they are still cold when you unwrap them, condensation will form on the candy coating and it will be sticky and may crack. It's best if they are individually wrapped before freezing, that way, you won't be exposing them to the air if you are placing them into a container to display.

Now, get to POPPING!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Easy Holiday Caramels

Do you love giving delicious edibles to your friends for the holidays? It's one thing to give the kids something to play with, but who really wants a frame, some novelty socks, or some more Christmas accessories? I can pick all of those things out myself, thank you. But homemade caramels are so yummy and so good, everyone will love to receive some this gift.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Cup Tuesday No.98

Brrr! Did that Arctic Blast hit you this weekend? Did you get snow? Thank goodness I didn't get any in the panhandle of West Virginia, but I heard that in  western WV and south western MD got some snow. I think it's great to look at and visit, but I really don't enjoy the reality of it. I know it's coming so I've invested in a new snow jacket and pants. I'm still looking for boots, but this year I'm going to be WARM while I shovel and I'll be prepared to actually go out and play with my kid in the snow without dreading it. If I'm gonna be out in the snow, I need the right equipment.

While I'm not out in the snow, I'll be inside baking and staying warm next to the oven :) On Dieter's Downfall last week, I made an amazing Pumpkin Pie - from scratch! I roasted a pumpkin, scooped out the guts, roasted the seeds, then baked a pie with a lard crust and topped it with mascarpone whipped cream and pumpkin seed toffee! Wow! It was amazing!

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