Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pumpkin Date Cookies #OXOGoodCookie

Spicy Pumpkin Date Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting #OXOGoodCookie
Fall is in the air, the nights are cooler, the mornings are crisp, pumpkin recipes are invading the internet, and OXO is helping to raise donations for Cookies for Kids Cancer. For the month of September, OXO will be donating proceeds from select tools for baking and cookie making. Look for the Green Circle on participating products, set up your own bake sale, and bake up some cookies!
Please Pin this image to your Cookie Board to show your support for Cookies for Kids Cancer

Monday, September 15, 2014

Two Cup Tuesday No.89

We are keeping this short and sweet tonight! Week one of the Online Blog Con went wonderfully and today started week two. I've been a bit busier than I anticipated but now I've gotten the "back to school crud" from my daughter and so that doesn't help much. I've got to kick this cold out because I've got a HUGE event in New York on Thursday that I can not miss! 
I'm so excited to be heading off to the 3ed Annual Better Homes & Garden Stylemaker Event!! Woo Hoo! I am beyond excited having been invited to attend such an event. I'll be attending a sessions on Food Trends, Photo Styling, Recipe Writing, Editing Tips and Trick, and of course, Food Photography. Yeah... I'm a bit nervous, but at least I'll have a few blogger friends there! See ya soon!

This weeks features are

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Pills - Dipped Twinkies

Are you feeling blue about another summer coming to an end? I am. I really enjoy all that summer has to offer! I'm totally in need of some Happy Pills to cheer me up - and these giant happy pills are just what the doctor ordered. 

I just dipped Twinkies into candy, put them on a stick and wrote out the prescription!  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blueberry Marble Cake

Lemon and Cinnamon Bundt Cake with a Ribbon of Blueberries baked inside.

I don't think my family got nearly enough blueberries this past summer..  I mean, my kid can eat a pint in two days. It's a good thing that I won a year supply of Driscoll's Berries! I'm totally able to keep up with her berry consumption for now!

I got a great deal on blueberries and decided to make this Blueberry Marble Cake that I found in America's Test Kitchen. There was more than enough for her and this treat!

The best Blueberry Marble Cake ever! You've gotta make this!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Two Cup Tuesday No.88

Oh my! I feel like I'm running around like a headless chicken today! 
I'm hosting Online Blog Con today and I could not be more excited about out presentations so far! I want to thank all you OBC'ers who are watching along and asking questions during the events today! I really do appreciate it! Thank you all for joining us!!

Over on Dieter's Downfall this week, I've got some APPLES for ya! We'll start off with some Spiked Apple Cider, then make some basic Caramel Apples, and finally finish off with some giftable Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples that are equivalent to (if not better that) the expensive ones you find online. I love how they turned out! 

This weekend I was a bit busy, so I've picked the top clicked on posts to feature! 
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Cake Pops

Twelve Fall Cake Pops ideas to get you ready for the season!
September is upon us and Fall is keeps trying to kick Summer to the curb. So sorry summer, but it's time to give way to all things pumpkin, apple, and Halloween-y. The craft stores are ready, the grocery store is stocked, and the blog world is moving forward! 

Here are Twelve Fall Inspired Cake Pops to get you thinking about colorful leaves, chilly nights, seasonal fruits and veggies, and of course, Halloween!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Buttermilk Custard Pie

Traditional Buttermilk Pie. Smooth, creamy, and delicious!

I've been craving pie. It's been a while since I've made a pie and this one was good. I grew up eating custard pies from one of the local bakeries and this buttermilk custard pie really hit the spot!

It was soft and creamy on the inside and had a crisp topping of caramelized sugar! Yum!

Traditional Buttermilk Pie. Smooth, creamy, and delicious!
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